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Students of the Kaduna State University (KASU) on Wednesday, May 26, protested against the increment in school fees by the Authorities of the Institution and called on the State Government to Intervene. The protesting Students condemned the hike, where some courses were increased to N300,000 and N400,000 from N36,000, saying it would force many Students out of School.


The President of the National Association of Science Students, Mr. Abubakar Buhari, who spoke on behalf of the protesting students, said the old fee was between N24,000 and N26,000 for indigenes, depending on the course of study, and N31,000 to 36,000 for non-indigenes depending on the course of study.


He said the Students were shocked when the Student’s portal showed that for new Students, indigenes would now pay N150, 000 for art and humanities and N171, 000 for sciences while non-indigenes will pay N221,000.


According to him, in social sciences, indigenes are now expected to pay N170, 000 while non-indigenes will pay N200, 000 meanwhile, indigenes admitted studying medicine will pay N300,000 and N400,000 for non-indigenes.

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